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It has been determined that driver and/or passenger air bags supplied by Takata are defective and extremely dangerous. In affected vehicles with Takata air bags, metal shrapnel can explode from the air bags in the event of a crash. This can cause serious injury or death to passengers.

Should you determine that your vehicle is affected by this recall, Mazda and Galadari Automobiles , encourages you to take immediate action to have your vehicle repaired for free.Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by SMS and will also receive a call from our customer service representative.

You can check by entering your vehicle’s VIN number in the following link: or by calling our customer service representative on this number: 800 Mazda (62932)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What models and vehicle types are included in these recalls?

Recall Model
Model Subject Vin Range Subject Production Range
From To From To
Mazda6 JM7GG**** ** 100019 JM7GG**** ** 177622 Mar-02 Dec-05
Mazda6 JM7GG**** ** 500012 JM7GG**** ** 555990 Jun-05 Nov-07
JM7GY**** ** 300008 JM7GY**** ** 306601 Jun-05 Nov-07
BT50 MM7UN**** ** 377156 MM7UN**** ** 386474 Dec-04 Mar-05
BT50 MM7UN**** ** 413816 MM7UN**** ** 941359 Jan-06 Nov-14
BT50 MM7UN**** ** 615456 MM7UN**** ** 831161 Oct-06 Feb-09
E-Series JM3SL**** ** 120258 JM3SL**** ** 128538 Apr-06 Mar-09
Mazda2 MM7DE**** ** 118453 MM7DE**** ** 283972 May-10 Jul-14
Mazda6 Ultra 1YVHP**** ** M00157 1YVHP**** ** M49661 Apr-08 Feb-09
1YVHZ**** ** M00001 1YVHZ**** ** M45130 Jun-09 Dec-11
CX 9 JM7TB**** ** 100042 JM7TB**** ** 317291 Sep-07 Sep-12
Mazda6 JM7GH**** ** 100012 JM7GH**** ** 140320 Dec-07 Jan-10

2. How can I found out if my vehicle is included in this recall?

You can check by entering your vehicle’s VIN number in the following link or by calling our contact center on this number: 800 Mazda (62932)

3. Why are certain Takata airbag inflators being recalled?

In the subject vehicles, continued exposure to high levels of absolute humidity may cause the front air bag inflator housing to rupture and deploy abnormally in the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the frontal air bag. An inflator rupture could result in shrapnel and debris striking and potentially seriously injuring vehicle occupants.

4. Are there any warnings or indicators that this condition exists?


5. Is it safe to drive an affected vehicle?

No, as affected Takata airbags may cause injury or harm when deployed.

6. How will I be notified when a final repair or replacement is available?

You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives and via SMS.

7. When will Mazda start to repair the recalled vehicles?

Repair is ready to be implemented once concerned customer makes an appointment and visits us.

8. Do I have to make an appointment for the vehicle recall?

No, it is not required to make an appointment for vehicle recalls, however it is recommended to make an appointment before 1:00 PM to ensure vehicle delivery on the same day.

9. Would it be recommended to have the affected Takata airbag disconnected?

No. For assured safety, we recommend to have the airbag inflator repaired at our facility instead of disconnecting the component.

10. Given I have had the driver airbag in my vehicle replaced previously, does this mean I won’t need to replace my current airbag?

For saftey assurance, we recommend replacing your previously replaced Takata airbags if your vehcile is under recall.

11. Is the recall repair required in able to import/export my vehicle?

Yes, it is recommended to have the vehicle repaired before importing/exporting your vehicle.

12. Can the Takata airbag repair be completed within a day?

Yes if:
1. The vehicle entered our facility before 1 PM.
2. No other additional repair is required for your vehicle.
To ensure same-day delivery, we recommend making an appointment via our recall page after checking your VIN number or by contacting our customer service number 800 Mazda (62932).

13. How can I ensure the safety of the other Takata airbags currently in my vehicle?

The modified airbags have passed the required standard quality assurance tests.

14. Are parts now available and if so, can I have my vehicle repaired?


15. What are the fees for the recall service?

All recall jobs are free of charge.

16. Will you replace the affected Takata Airbag with a new Takata Airbag? If so, how do I ensure it is not affected?

Yes. The newly installed airbags have been quality assured prior to installation.